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Natural skin care products to benefit you and a cancer patient

About Us

The personal care industry in the US generates $40 billion annually, by marketing products designed to make our lives better and more comfortable. Unfortunately, many of these products do not take into account one critical factor - sustainability. Use of harsh detergents, artificial scents, and animal-tested ingredients not only promote allergies in sensitive people, and inhumane research practices, but also put harmful toxins into our environment.

One Veda offers an alternative. With our focus on 100% natural, cruelty-free, and sustainable personal care options, we strive to deliver the highest-quality, cleanest moisturizers, soaps, hair care, and aromatherapy home-freshening sprays. No chemicals. No artificial dyes or perfumes.

All of our moisturizing products feature Shea butter, a skin-nourishing oil, from the African Shea nut. This oil has been used for centuries on hair, skin and for cooking. Our pure Shea butter is purchased fair trade, directly from those who make it in Africa. By becoming a One Veda customer, you also help families overseas who work in the Shea nut business. 

Inspired by scents found on Mother Earth, fragranced from essential oils, and customized to your individual scent preferences, One Veda is bettering the lives of customers, and bettering our World. 


Get. Give. Love. Live.