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Natural skin care products to benefit you and a cancer patient

Our Story

For cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, as well as those with diabetes and psoriasis, there are few non-chemical treatments for the painful and uncomfortable skin, hair and nail issues from which they suffer.

Diagnosed in 2007 with multiple myeloma (commonly known as bone marrow cancer), Jason Carpenter, the Founder of One Veda, began experiencing painful skin, nail and hair disorders almost immediately after the beginning of treatment. He found that there were no clear cut answers when it came to balms and skin care products to alleviate his discomfort—and certainly no all-natural solutions. After some discussions with fellow chemo patients at the hospital, Jason began testing Shea Butter on his ravaged skin, and using the principles of aromatherapy to help address the nausea, dizziness and inherent sour stomach brought on by the chemicals used for treatment.

He began mixing customized products in his home, and shared these skincare solution with his friends at the chemotherapy clinic. Jason found that the products worked exceedingly well. He concluded that if these lotions, salves and soaps could soothe the damaged bodies of cancer patients, they would also benefit those with much less serious skin issues. Hence, the One Veda line of products, philosophy, vision and passion were born.

Becoming a One Veda customer means doing something kind for your community. Every purchase you make helps a person fighting the ravages of cancer, to have a healthier body and better quality of life. Painful hair, skin, and nail issues are an unfortunate side effect of treatment, and One Veda's products were originally developed to soothe the unique needs of these people.

For those fighting cancer and terminal illness, hope and mental attitude  is everything. Helping give patients greater physical comfort, and an increased feeling of control over their bodies, goes a long way toward healing, in both body and spirit.

Be a part of our healing journey.